The Pittsburgh Penguins have agreed to terms with pending free agent forward Brian Rust, to keep him in the organization for a long time. Rust has agreed to a six-year contract with a total value of $ 30.75MM and an average annual value of $ 5.125MM. Ron Hextall, general manager of Penguin, released a statement explaining:

While Evgeny Malkin and Chris Letang made the most headlines in terms of pending free agents in Pittsburgh, Rust sat down as the most valuable of the three, at least when it came to long-term expansion. The all-rounder turned 30 just a few days ago and has been the team’s most consistent offensive lineman in the last three seasons.

Consistent, of course, only when Rust was actually in the lineup. When he played every game in the short campaign of 2020-21, it was the first time in his career. With a career high of 72 and only 60 games this season, it is argued that Rust – or at least the way he plays – poses a greater risk than the average player on such a contract.

Still, the average annual value of a forward close to a point-per-game player running for three years, 6MM is a good business for the Penguins, even though it comes at some extra cost, for years Rust has scored at least 22 goals in three consecutive games There are points. With two Stanley Cup runs in 2016 and 2017, 21 goals in 79 career playoff games, his game is strong even in the post season.

It is a playoff-style hockey that is very attractive about the game of rust and would have attracted many interested parties if it had reached the open market. Now, with him for the next six years, the team’s attention could once again turn to Mistress and Letang.

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