Pierre-Luc Dubois discusses why he mentioned exchange from Blue Jackets

The Pierre-Luc Dubois adventure arrived at its decision on Saturday with the blockbuster exchange that saw the middle go from the Columbus Blue Jackets to the Winnipeg Jets in return

for Patrik Laine and Jack Roslovc.

It came after Dubois had mentioned an exchange out of Columbus and experienced a rough four-game stretch to open the season where he was sidelined on two distinct events. That incorporates one sidelining that covered almost a whole game. It was by then that it turned out to be clear an exchange would have been a need in the near future.

As in, for what reason did Dubois look for from Columbus?

Only hours after the exchange on Saturday night Dubois plunked down for a meeting with Sportsnet’s Ron MacLean (watch the total meeting on Sportsnet) and endeavored to address that question. He clarified that it was something he considered for some time, particularly as agreement dealings went on this offseason (he marked a two-year, $10 million agreement not long before the beginning of the period.)

It was a cycle

“I said since the beginning I’m not going to broadly expound, and I won’t,” said Dubois. “I can say It was a cycle. I was contemplating quite a while. It wasn’t for the time being. It wasn’t that I just woke up one morning and it was a choice to make. It was something I considered. As dealings were going, clearly you don’t think about anything literally, however as they go longer and longer you sort of begin to consider stuff and circumstances.

“Eventually I thought there is Pierre-Luc Dubois the hockey player, and Pierre-Luc Dubois the human. I needed to remain consistent with myself, to my partners. I knew whether it was a more extended arrangement, where it counts I would have needed this to occur. I needed to be genuine to myself, be genuine to my colleagues and everyone. I realize a few people are upset about it, and I get that. Yet, I am amazingly thankful for all that Columbus, the fans and the city, and the staff have accomplished for me.”

Reaction from colleagues

MacLean got some information about the reaction from his partners and the troublesome circumstance it tends to be for a youthful player to be in requesting an exchange. It was there that he tended to the instructional course meeting that mentor John Tortorella had referred to when he had Dubois converse with the group to get everything in the open.

“We had the discussion before camp began like Torts said. He needed to get it out in the open with everyone and that is additionally something I needed to do,” said Dubois.

“I would not like to mess around with my colleagues. I regard them more than anyone. I let them know, I let them know the reasons. It has nothing to do with them. They have been incredible for me since I went to the NHL, causing me to feel a piece of the group, causing me to feel like Columbus is a home. We are on the whole partners, we are generally companions, we as a whole consideration about one another. Toward the finish of hte day you need your companion, you need your colleague to be glad. In some cases it harms, in some cases you can be baffled with their choices yet I simply know toward the day’s end they need me to be upbeat.”

Dubois said Tortorella was not the explanation

At last, the obvious issue at hand was tended to: How a very remarkable job did his relationship with Tortorella have on the choice. Dubois talked for a long time about how he understood what kind of mentor Tortorella was the point at which he was drafted, and that he had conversed with a ton of players that had played for him before that mentioned to him what’s in store. The agreement was that he would push, yet that it was to just improve you and that years down the line you would think back and appreciate it. Dubois said that Tortorella was NOT the reason for his solicitation.

“I know for certain individuals it very well may be, well that is the explanation, however it’s not,” said Dubois. “He was a hard mentor, yet I can take it, nothing is close to home. I grew up with a father who is a mentor, he generally advised me if a mentor difficulties you it’s nothing close to home he simply needs what is best for you. That is the means by which I see Torts and I have only regard for him.”