The Cleveland Browns have combined their two big defensive endings for the second year in a row. Last year, Miles Garrett and Jadevan Clooney provided bookend issues for crime. While Garrett was all defensive, Clooney provided the Browns with a strong, long defender to push the edge he wanted beyond Garrett to the other side.

On Sunday, Clooney agreed to return. The lure of playing with Deshon Watson and Garrett was a big attraction for Clooney. At the end of last season, Clooney said the money would decide where he played next. Instead, his experience in Cleveland and Watson’s presence brought him back.

After some fun on social media at the start of the offseason, Garrett posted about Clooney’s return to the free agent market after so many days:

Like everyone else, Garrett is glad it’s over, and the team can now plan to scare rivals around the two previous-ranked total picks.

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