Ohio State offensive lineman Harry Miller announced Thursday that he is retiring medically from football and shared his intention to take his own life before the 2021 season.

Miller, a fourth-year player for the Buckeyes, said he had informed head coach Ryan Della of his suicidal thoughts and Danny immediately contacted medical professionals for help.

Miller was absent from this year’s Spring practice and was considered unavailable a few days ago without explanation. The reason behind the decision to retire he shared in a detailed statement on social media.

“I don’t usually share such information. However, since I play football, I can no longer afford the privilege of privacy, so I will briefly share my story before asking for further articles on ‘What’s wrong with Harry Miller.'” “It’s a good question. Although I have asked it many times, I don’t know the answer. It’s a good question.”

After meeting with medical professionals, Miller said he tried to return to football by covering his wrists and throat with tape.

“At that point, I’d rather die than be cowardly. I’d rather have nothing happen than explain what’s wrong,” he said. “The idea behind the helmet was to lower it to my initials. I’ve seen people ask for help before. I’ve seen the old story of how our generation is softening a second time, but I can tell you my skin. It was hard.”

Miller, a student with a 4.0 GPA at Ohio State College of Engineering, will continue his studies. De Miller is also looking for ways to help other players in the program who may be focusing on mental health, he said in a statement.

“I hope athletic divisions across the country do the same,” Miller said. “If [day] and not for the staff, my words would not be reflected. They would be evidence at the postmortem.”

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