NFAC comes back to Louisville to calmly fight Kentucky Derby 146

The Black armed militia group known as the NFAC walked to Churchill Downs on Derby Day.

Making their second trip to Louisville in under two months, the out-of-state group wanted to say something upon the arrival of the Kentucky Derby, requesting equity for Breonna Taylor.

“We had hoped to come back to Louisville to celebrate a victory with these people. We had hoped that this would have been closed,” said Grandmaster Jay, the leader of the NFAC, whose real name is John Fitzgerald Johnson.

A few hundred individuals from everywhere the nation assembled at Moore park Saturday afternoon. From that point they walked a few blocks to Churchill Downs.

Met by fences set up by the city, they assembled on the grass before Churchill Downs. The Louisville Metro police and individuals from the Kentucky National Guard were on the opposite side of the fence. An hour into their protest, another group appeared and that is the thing that incited the Black militia to leave quickly before the Derby even began.

Grandmaster Jay said the motivation behind why his group left Churchill Downs when the other group of protesters showed up is provided that things went left, he didn’t want his group getting accused for it.

Jay said before this protest, there was a mutual agreement with LMPD about his armed individuals being in similar region as different protesters.

“They were never supposed to be where we were so when I saw that happening, somebody changed the game plan, so I pulled my coalition out,” he said.

After the protest, WLKY got some information about the comment he made back in July about coming back to Louisville to burn this city down.

“All of y’all thought we would show up with torches and burn this joint down. That was figurative, it meant we would burn down something, and we burnt down the wallets,” he said.

Concerning in the event that they will return for a third time to Louisville, Grandmaster Jay says it’s everything up to Attorney General Daniel Cameron, who said his office is centered around finding reality in the Breonna Taylor examination.

“We’re going to wait and see now that he has the ballistics back and hold him to his word,” he told WLKY.