FSU battled injuries, Malik Cunningham lost to Louisville

Florida State Seminoles football had every reason to be crushed against Louisville on Friday night. On the road, facing a raucous crowd that always makes the Seminoles miserable, FSU lost possibly the best defensive player (defensive end Jared Verse), possibly the best offensive lineman (Robert Scott) and the best player on the roster (Jordan Travis). […]


Louisville clinched the regional title with a thrilling 11-9 victory over Michigan

Louisville claimed its ninth regional title with an 11-9 win over Michigan on Monday afternoon, which is sure to be one of the most memorable games ever played at Jim Patterson Stadium. Game, which moved from 6 p.m. The afternoon started due to the weather, a bad start for the hosts. Cardinal starter Garrett Schmaltz […]


NFAC comes back to Louisville to calmly fight Kentucky Derby 146

The Black armed militia group known as the NFAC walked to Churchill Downs on Derby Day. Making their second trip to Louisville in under two months, the out-of-state group wanted to say something upon the arrival of the Kentucky Derby, requesting equity for Breonna Taylor. “We had hoped to come back to Louisville to celebrate […]