Standing tall amongst a competitive industry is WeIN, which is all set to get launched soon with their chic style and comfy clothing at economical prices.

To face tough competition and come out as an independent Indian company contributing to the fashion world is s decision of courage. Not all can excel at building an Indian fashion company that one can proudly call made in India with its creative and uniquely designed apparels and at the same time, which focuses on comfort as their main characteristic. One such online clothing firm is WeIN. The company has very intelligently penetrated this market optimizing the given opportunities by the government of India under the initiatives of Make in India and opening up doors for them to build more companies that can contribute to the business opportunities and economy in the country.

It is a piece of great news for the fans and loyal customers of Shein who believed in the brand for their style of clothing and their cheaper rates; now they would not be required to look any further as India has come up with an excellent alternative to Shein in the form of WeIN. ‘We’ means for all of us and ‘IN’ means India; the amalgamation of these words leads to WeIN, where the brand wants to send across this message to all its prospective customers that we all are in this together, to make an Indian brand reach similar or higher success like other international brands in the fashion industry as this would help India at a grander scale to provide employment opportunities to many and improve the economy.

WeIN’s vision is not only to replicate the success that Shein created in Indian markets but also to make their business scale to levels where it can be known as a global brand as well. Looking at the way their social media presence is already increasing even before their official launch is incredible. The fact that it is our very own Indian company is gaining attention everywhere and more people are turning towards them to fulfill their demands and requirements for chic clothing.

They are targeting young women from 16 to 24 years of age, but are also forward with apparel for all age groups even for men. They are driven by their aim to make our country independent on affordable fashion and fulfill the fashion demands of each individual.

“PLUS FOR US, Embrace your curves“ is their plus size section that offers a clothing line ranging till the size of XXL. WeIn is slated to get launched by the mid of August and we can’t wait to explore all their apparel collection 100% made in India.

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