Running her medical center specializing in acne treatments called Medicinae, she has proved her mettle in the industry.

A lot has already been spoken about how a few people have consistently given their all in their respective industries; still, it feels much more discussions are needed around these people for the world to know the bold choices they made and how they chose to walk their paths with courage and determination. Dr. Ines Mordente, aka Doc Ines’ journey, is one such, filled with too many challenges, but her innovations and work in the dermatology sector overpower all this and prove her genius in the medical industry. As one of the founders of her medical center called Medicinae, specializing in acne treatments, she has tried to provide a 360-degree approach to treating mild to severe acne problems in patients.

She is proud that Medicinae is all about clinical and surgical dermo-aesthetics, maxillofacial and aesthetic surgery of the face and body, the latest generation laser technology, anti-aging therapies in aesthetic medicine for the face, body, and hair, and much more based in Naples, with offices also at Rome and Milan. On asking about the difficulties that she faced in her business, Dr. Ines Mordente mentions that every change or every choice with regards to the team, new ideas, new projects, and new locations involved considerable organizational difficulties, but she overcame them all by depending on her tenacity and her characteristic of always wanting to complete her goals, which evolves to be the best. Also, her courage to be a powerful force in the dermatological sector who devised her one-of-a-kind Acne Revolution® method is another reason she believes has led her on a continuous path of growth and success.

Dr. Ines Mordente believes that her venture stands unique from the rest because it involves personalized protocols, dealing with also the most complex cases. Its treatments and procedures are born out of the expertise of the three members, including her, which has helped Medicinae be known as a top real beauty and wellness clinic, the surgical medical clinic, authorized for the execution of invasive medical examinations and procedures, using the latest generation laser equipment. Medicinae is the place where the relationship with the patient maintains a great value both on the human and on the therapeutic level. This is also why the founders always invite patients to inquire and always contact accredited doctors and specialists with proven experience.

In fact, the team at Medicinae, especially Dr. Ines Mordente, has even leveraged the power of social media and created a large social media following, becoming the spokesperson and disseminator of medical information through new communication platforms especially among teenagers who fight acne or allergies.

She mentions that the team’s short and medium-term objectives are aimed at combining therapeutic efficiency with new technologies, a continuous path of business growth that opens the doors to the medicine of the future.

Instagram: @inesmordentedermatologa

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