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LaMarcus Aldridge says he signed with Brooklyn Nets to ‘fill a void,’ not be an All-Star

NEW YORK – After consenting to an arrangement with the Brooklyn Nets throughout the end of the week, LaMarcus Aldridge has started to get comfortable and taken an interest in the group’s training on Tuesday.

Addressing journalists interestingly since he showed up on the East Coast, Aldridge said that he is not, at this point keen on gunning for singular awards, and picked the Nets since he wants to “fill a void,”

“I’m not here to be an All-Star,” Aldridge said. “That’s not what I’m trying to do. I’m just trying to bring the value, try to bring the things I’m good at and trying to help this team win. I’m not worried about being an All-Star anymore.”

Aldridge said he picked the Nets subsequent to consenting to a buyout with the San Antonio Spurs since he considered a to be for himself as a major man who can shoot 3s and protect.

Aldridge said the primary player he heard from on the Nets list was Kevin Durant. He additionally talked with James Harden prior to choosing to sign with Brooklyn for the rest of the period.

“He can make 3-pointers, so that opens the floor up,” Nets mentor Steve Nash said. “He understands that this is a different role and a different team. I want him to find that natural balance between the way he has traditionally played and the way we play.”

Aldridge is joining an as of now elegant group that additionally includes Kyrie Irving, Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan, among others.

Nash said Aldridge needs to take part in a couple of practices before he makes a big appearance for Brooklyn in a game, however there is an opportunity the veteran community plays later in the week.

Aldridge has effectively been precluded for Wednesday’s down against the Houston Rockets.

As of late, Jordan has been beginning most of the Nets’ games at focus. Sometimes, when the Nets start a more modest setup against speedier, more modest groups – or when Brooklyn’s profundity has been exhausted by wounds – Jeff Green or Bruce Brown have begun.

Aldridge said he’s cheerful he will get the chance to begin, which Nash said he will get the opportunity to work for.

“I mean, if you could start, you’re always going to start,” Aldridge said. “I think anyone that’s competitive will say, yeah, they want that and they’re going to fight for that, so I’m definitely trying to do my job and hopefully I get it.”