South Carolina holds Texas scoreless in final quarter of 62-34 win. Top-cultivated South Carolina conveniently crushed No. 6-seed Texas 62-34 in the most recent part of the contention between lead trainers Dawn Staley and Vic Schaefer. As great as the last scoreline is for the Gamecocks, what’s significantly more noteworthy was the protective exertion in the last quarter.

The final quarter included Staley’s crew holding the Longhorns to nothing — believe it or not, zero — focuses in the last casing. Texas missed 20 straight shots to end the game, a streak that started in the several minutes of the second from last quarter.

It was a story of two extraordinary projects in two unique phases of the pattern of accomplishment. Texas was in its first Elite Eight since 2016, while South Carolina was hoping to make — and in the end prevailing with regards to doing as such — its third Final Four of the Staley time. The last two were in 2015 and in 2017.

In any case, you barely had to know the new history of each to sort the entirety of that out. The Longhorns were held to shooting only 23% from the field, surrendering 15 turnovers and getting impeded multiple times. The Gamecocks, in the mean time, shot 57% in the principal half and made some cautious history.

South Carolina will currently proceed to confront Stanford on Friday in the Final Four.

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