Nick Bosa would receive support from Kyle Shanahan for the overall MVP

49ers coach Kyle Shanahan recently has said it would blow his see any problems on the off chance that protective end Scratch Bosa isn’t the NFL’s defensive player of the year for 2022. Shanahan argued that Bosa should win MVP overall on Friday.

“It’s always tough with quarterbacks because of how big of a deal quarterbacks are to their teams and in the league and how great some of them are, so they do usually get it,” Shanahan told reporters. “The other position that’s so impactful are pass rushers, so you think of someone like Lawrence Taylor, that make sense for someone like that to win it. I think it would make sense for someone like Aaron Donald in some of the years that he’s had and you look at Nick, who I think is right in that league right there of those two people that I just mentioned and I think he’s having that type of year, so it depends how the votes go. It always surprises you because of the quarterback situation, but by no means is it not warranted, he’s that good of a player and those guys are like that every once in a while.”

The league’s MVP has only gone to two defensive players: Alan Page in 1971 and Lawerence Taylor in 1986.

The last time a non-quarterback won the award was in 2012, when Vikings running back Adrian Peterson beat out Peyton Manning to surpass the single-season rushing record.

The award is typically given to a quarterback from one of either conference’s top seeds. This year, the most loved eventually will be the quarterback of the favorite in the AFC, considering that Jalen Damages has missed something like one game and perhaps will miss a second and a third, while Josh Allen, Patrick Mahomes, and Joe Tunnel jockey for post position.

Then there is Vikings receiver Justin Jefferson, who has the potential to set the single-season receiving yardage record and is arguably more valuable to the Vikings than any of the various quarterbacks are to their teams.