Instagram has become a platform that has allowed several people to become fashion influencers and models. It has brought fame and spotlight to a lot of people in a very short span.

However, to find a sparkling gem in an abundance of mundane stones is a stroke of luck that is rewarded to far too few people. To gather not only success but also achieve your own dreams and goals alongside working as an influencer has been quite unheard of.

Elvisa Dedic has been one of the few people who has been able to accomplish such goals at such a young age. Along with being an emerging social media influencer, she is also the CEO of her own makeup brand that was launched recently. Apart from her contributions in the fashion industry, she is also a model and is simultaneously well educated. She has been an influencer for quite a while now. She has worked with several famous brands.

Her very first Instagram post was in March 2013, since then she has slowly built up her brand. Currently, she has over 784k followers. Her endorsements with brands such as FashionNova and PrettyLittleThings have made her an instant hit among the general crowd.

Her sense of fashion and her humble nature is what’s more liked by the public though. She is very active on her Instagram and is always replying and posting answers to her fans’ questions. She cheerfully tells them about her music or food choices. She even uploads pictures of various delicacies and never fails to amaze her fans with different insights on various subjects.

Her intellectual prowess is also another point of focus for her humble personality. She was born and raised in Bosnia. But when she was 11, she shifted to the USA for better opportunities. Since then she has been super interested in fashion and makeup. She finished high school and got her degree in Criminal Justice and Psychology from the University of Miami. While she was working on her degree, she managed several other jobs and also actively took part in modeling for her Instagram account. Once she received her Bachelor’s degree, she immediately decided to focus on modeling and being an influencer as a full-time occupation. Indeed, her hard work brought her the sweetest fruit. She was recruited to be an ambassador by PrettyLittleThings, a clothing brand. Her fame was boosted quite a lot after that. She worked with several famous brands, namely Giti, Chic Couture, and other famous brands.

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