The three-day hearing in the case of Browns quarterback Dawson Watson is over. So when will Judge Sue L. Robinson rule?

According to several reports, she has asked both sides to submit written briefings by Monday, July 11 in support of their respective positions. At that point, she will have everything she needs to make a decision.

When she does, she will create a written document, preferably 20 pages long or more. It will draw conclusions from the facts which will be binding on the appeal process. She will then apply a personal conduct policy and any other relevant considerations to those facts to make a decision.

Our guess (and that’s just a guess) is that a decision will be made by Monday, July 25th. After that, the appeal process will likely unfold – unless she decides to impose any discipline.

Again, her factual findings will be binding on the appeal process. These findings will also help the media and fans understand the logic of the final decision.

We fully expect a written decision from Judge Robinson to be published. There is always transparency when players are considered. If Watson is given a harsh sentence or not, the league must hope that Judge Robinson will provide a clear and persuasive explanation for the verdict. The league needs to publish its decision for all to see, just like the commander’s situation, it should not be swept under the rug.

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