Currently the only thing that is saltier than Mikel Arteta is the Dead Sea and Antonio Conte is here to turn the knife.

After Tottenham Hotspur beat Arsenal 3-0 on Thursday night, Mikel Arteta chose to rectify the situation by saying that everything is awful and we can even stop watching as the beautiful game is ruined.

No, seriously: it’s a direct quote.

Some of the other quotes were “I don’t know how to lie” …. we can go back to January but let’s focus on this here and now because it’s more fun.

Enter Antonio Conte, who turned the knife as far as possible.

He did not stop there. He kept going, and that’s great.

This is how you cement yourself in the spurs lore: you beat Arsenal and then you spend your post-match dunking on them.

No one is to blame for expelling Rob Holding but himself. When the match started, it was clear that he had a goal in mind: Shathaus with Sun and try to get him out of the game. The problem is that the holder is bothered by the sh * housing and he worked his way into the shoot by taking it too far. Right now on social media, Arsenal supporters are shouting about Holding’s second yellow and saying that there should be no such thing. He then instructs the gold and the holding to be tied up and in the meantime tries to say that the gold should have been sent.

He is rich, as Holding had earlier kicked Sun Square in the back and by then she must have left.

In the end, the holding was dismissed and Spurs made the wrong capital. If Conte manages to win in the best way possible, then Arteta is trying to consolidate what is left of his team. They will have an extra day off for their match against Newcastle on Monday, but with both Gabriel and Martinelli out with injuries, they will probably be on the side of Newcastle with injuries that have been very good over the last few weeks. The Spurs will face Burnley on Sunday, giving them a chance to jump on the Gunners and put pressure on them.

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