Dallas Stars Daily Links: Stars Hockey Is Back!

In the event that you disclosed to me the Dallas Stars hadn’t played a game in 2019, I’d likely trust you. That is to say, I realize it’s just been a week or so, but it feels like a lifetime since I last watched a Stars hockey game.

Fortunately, the time for despair is over. The Stars will continue their season today tonight against the Buffalo Sabers at home. Furthermore, one of the biggest stories of the night will be the homecoming of Jamie Oleksiak.

“I wasn’t going to be surprised because we had some guys coming back in Pittsburgh, and when I heard it was Dallas it threw me off guard,” Oleksiak said. “A million emotions run through my head. I am glad to be here now. It’s always a little bit easier when you know guys in the room. Obviously, a new coaching staff but I think it’s been a pretty good transition so far.”

Oleksiak spent somewhat more than a year with the Pittsburgh Penguins before being exchanged back to Dallas. What’s more, the Stars’ previous first rounder would like to convey to the table in excess of an extravagant new contract.

“Got a lot more experience under my belt, a little more comfortable in certain situations, and a little more confidence in my game and whatnot,” Oleksiak said. “I am just going to keep trying to build off that. I’ve kind of learned to not worry about the little things and look at the bigger picture. No matter what happens on the ice — good or bad — I stick to my game and help the team get wins.”