Eight years after its second entry, a new Company of Heroes game is being developed at Relic Entertainment. Declared today by publisher Sega, Company of Heroes 3 will take the World War II real-time methodology series to the Mediterranean theater. As in the past, the emphasis is on ordering squads of infantry and individual tanks, yet new to this game is a strategic map that will permit you to conclude how to move toward the Allied invasion of Italy. How you plan your moves there will decide the forces you have available to you in the real-time fights that follow.

Relic is likewise presenting a delay button that will permit players to stop the action and line up orders to every one of their units. Practically speaking, it seems as though the single-player campaign will play out a lot like one of Creative Assembly’s Total War games, which isn’t too astonishing given that Sega possesses the two studios.

Company of Heroes 3 is expected in late 2022. Meanwhile, fans can sign up to play an early form of the game by connecting their Steam and Relic accounts. Moreover, the whole franchise is on sale on Valve’s retail storefront, permitting you to get the second game for a simple $1.10.

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