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Community Amenity Management Provides ‘Pro’ Trainers and Personalized Programs for Elite Clientele

Leslie Fajfar is an internationally respected expert and leader in the health and wellness industry, nutritionist and celebrity trainer, and CEO and co-founder of Community Amenity Management.

Community Amenity Management, an exclusive hospitality and fitness management company, covering all spectrums of management and staffing within luxury residential and commercial buildings, recently welcomed former professional athlete Kai De La Cruz to their team of elite trainers.

Community Amenity Management’s fitness programs center around the purist ideology of acquiring and staffing the best people, perfectly aligning with Kai’s training philosophy: Never get complacent. Work hard, then work even harder.

At Community Amenity Management, they work to acquire the best trainers for their most elite clients through an extensive recruiting process where they specifically headhunt for staff who will be given the coveted “pro” title, and Kai may just be the ideal example.

Drafted to the Miami Dolphins as a wide receiver in 2015, Kai had to unfortunately put his career on hold due to an injury. Kai has a rich history of sports training, knowledge and dedication that comes with it. While in college at the University of Louisville, he had a great tenure as a wide receiver. He also excelled at baseball during highschool and played professional basketball in Norway and Italy during his downtime from the NFL.

“We can’t give away all of our secrets, but we went through a couple of our private contacts to put us in touch with an athlete of his caliber,” reveals Leslie Fajfar, CEO of Community Amenity Management. “To our luck, at the time, he was still rehabbing from injury and unsure of what his future plans were with regard to a return to the NFL.”

When it comes to fitness, health and wellness, people want real results, and with the team at Community Amenity Management, Kai will work with some of the most sought after and exclusive clientele in the country and their families. His focus is primarily on younger clients who are athletes looking to increase their  athleticism, performance and training knowledge within competitive sports. “It is rare for young athletes to be able to learn one-on-one from such a well rounded and accomplished athlete,” offers Leslie.

Clients at Community Amenity Management receive specific lesson plans designed by Leslie that specifically fit to their goals. “We have developed a specific, almost proprietary method of service that other companies within our field simply can’t offer. We’re like a Phoenix — we were made through fire,” adds Leslie.

During weekly meetings, Leslie meets with each client’s personal staff to ensure progression and to design a program for the coming week. These meetings also allow trainers like Kai to address general motivation of clients, a time he will use to work with Leslie to find the best way to keep clients engaged.

Over the next five years, Community Amenity Management plans to design and market training products with Kai.

Community Amenity Management focuses on all areas of health, wellness and fitness lifestyle programming. Their experience working with high performing executives, athletes and celebrities of all ages makes them uniquely qualified to operate spas, pools and fitness centers at exceptional luxury properties.