Kishmel Eagar is a young entrepreneur who has built a reputable name. As a digital Entrepreneur, the effect of always being behind a monitor and working long hours comes with some very detrimental physical effects, including the dreary ‘Burnout.’ The following tips from Kishmel are a few great ways to avoid burnout and power through the long nights of work.

Tip 1: Eat Brain Conscious Food

Eating brain conscious food has long been dubbed as a bio-hack amongst most high-performance individuals, so it was to no surprise when Kishmel talked about this being one of his biggest performance boosters in avoiding burnout. A few of Kishmel’s favorite foods that allow him to stay full and on top of his game all day consist of salmon, berries, greens, and varieties of nuts.

Tip 2: Exercise Frequently

Exercise is commonly dubbed the king for all aspects of self-improvement, not only in physical aspects but mental and emotional aspects as well. A link between activity and your mental output can be seen by your ability to endure more challenging situations. Kishmel likes to keep things on a routine that allows flexibility for his various business activities and yet still provides the benefits of staying in shape. He mainly focuses on improving his cardiovascular system with strength training at least four times a week. His routine has become a staple for creating a synergistic balance between his nutritious diet and productive sleep schedule.

Tip 3: Have a Work Only Space

When it comes to being able to live a laptop lifestyle and work remotely or even from home, a lot of entrepreneurs make the mistake of working from bed or wherever they are comfortable. What that does is leave you susceptible to getting off track because your brain correlates that area with fun or worse if it’s your bed, that habit can wreak havoc on your sleeping schedule. To avoid this, Kishmel chooses to prioritize working only from his office space, so when he’s working, he’s only working.

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