Taylor left the Rockies last night in the sixth inning. The club called the problem ankle swelling at the time, but this afternoon he went for a CT scan. The test showed the presence of a fracture, an injury that is likely to cost him some time. Los Angeles will definitely provide more details on Taylor’s specific diagnosis and recovery approach in the next few days.

By re-signing a four-year contract in the offseason, Taylor has again played a key role for manager Dave Roberts. He has started in 56 of the club’s 79 games on the left field, with seven nodes each in the center and right areas. Long known for his defensive versatility, Taylor has only played in the outfield this season but no doubt retains the ability to step on the dirt of the field if the club needs it.

This was not a vintage offensive display for Taylor with a 285 plate appearance line of 238 / .319 / .409. He’s still running at a strong pace and has amassed 19 doubles, but he’s hit in an individual-high 35.4% clip. Even so, Taylor’s five-year track record of above-average crime gave him reason to believe he would return from the lower month of June.

In recent weeks L.A. This is the second corner outfield injury to navigate. Mookie Bates lost time with a minor fracture of the ribs, returning over the weekend. Roberts suggested that Bates could return as the second baseman to reduce his throwing responsibilities, since his replacement he has been pencil in the right area in two of the three games. After the Bates went down, the Dodgers made a deal with Trace Thompson to regroup with Eddie Alvarez; The club have since picked Jake Lamb (who starts at left field tonight) and given Alvarez the option, but they will turn to another platoon arrangement to handle left field in the short term.

Depending on Taylor’s recovery approach, it’s possible that the Dodgers could look to the trade market for a more effective pickup than Thompson. Ian Happ, Anthony Santander and Andrew Benitendi are among the high-impact, regular outfielders that could be available in the coming weeks. There is also the possibility of potential promotions to help fill the void. Miguel Vargas, for example, is hitting very well with Triple-A Oklahoma City and was created as a potential option once Bates was injured. Vargas, who is a trade baseman, recently made a minor league pairing in the left field but otherwise he only played at Infield as a pro.

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