On Saturday, Joel Sherman and Andrew Marchan revealed for the New York Post that Opening Day of the 2020 MLB regular season could include Nationals expert Max Scherzer against new Yankees pro Gerrit Cole in Washington, D.C. Nothing has been concluded at this point, be that as it may. Sherman and Marchand note that MLB doesn’t plan to have its timetable concluded for one more week or two.

MLB’s timetable is a hell of an exercise in careful control and is significantly more so thinking about the pandemic. Florida, Texas, and Arizona are among the numerous states that have seen a flood in new COVID-19 cases. MLB should likewise factor in possible movement if a few states become too perilous to even consider playing in.

The 2020 normal season will be 60 games, including 40 intra-division games and 20 local interleague games for each group. There have been many standard changes alongside the temporary season. Craig went over them a week ago here. Players will answer to “spring” preparing in their home urban areas on Wednesday, July 1. The customary season is relied upon to start on July 23.

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