It’s not hard to see that influencers and social media enthusiasts are more and more passionate or advocating for the world to be a better place and for sustainability in fashion to be a prevalent topic of discussion.

Yes, we definitely need those hands raised but how much of a difference can those influencers make? One can only hope. Second-hand clothes are set to become more popular than fast-fashion as young people become increasingly concerned with sustainability.

Andrei Lucas, social media influencer, singer songwriter and artist, advocates for a sustainable lifestyle and for sustainability in fashion. Is it a trend that he is just following or is this a genuine feeling and belief?

“As you can see on my social media, I tend to wear many times throughout several years items of fashion that I am fond of, that are of a premium quality and that I wouldn’t give up on. I think sustainability is all about self awareness and not falling into the trap of over consumerism. We all love to shop, but we have to be smart about it.” Andrei Lucas declares.

Sustainability in fashion has been an issue raised since early 2014 but has become more discussed in 2017 and now many brands are becoming more aware of it, marketing themselves as sustainable. One can only assume that it is a matter of time that we see a real change happening, but influencers such as Andrei Lucas should focus on having constant involvement in this matter.

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