The Packers closed out the Lions in the second half and won the game 35-17

Aaron Rogers made his debut on the field Monday night.

The Packers quarterback was 22-for-27 with 255 passing yards and had four touchdowns in a 35-17 win over Green Bay’s NFC North Division enemy Detroit Lions. When he picked up three sacks, he didn’t give up and came back completely from Week 1’s defeat against the New Orleans Saints.

“The rhythm was good. We got the ball to our playmakers,” Rogers told ESPN’s Lisa Salters after the game, “It was just a game and it was the start of the season.

Aaron Jones was another focal point of the crime. He had three of Rogers’ four touchdown passes and also a quick touchdown. Jones had six catches for 48 yards and 67 yards on 17 carry.

Davante Adams led the Packers with eight catches for 121 yards. Robert Tonian also had a receiving touchdown. He completed three catches for 52 yards.

Green Bay made three slow starts in the Lions’ halftime but throughout the second half the Lions managed to keep the Lions at bay without dropping a single point from them.

Jared Goff looked good in the first half but the failure to keep the ball in the last zone in the second half was the difference in the game. He finished 26-for-36 with 24 passing yards and two touchdowns with a bad hit to De’Vondre Campbell.

Goff led the Lions into a rushing yard. He had 46 yards on the ground in four carriages. D’Andre Swift added 37 yards and Jamal Williams added 25 yards.

T.J. Hawkinson led the Lions with eight catches and a touchdown for 66 yards. Quintage Safe had four catches and a touchdown for 63 yards.

The Packers (1-1) now have a five-game winning streak against the Lions in October 201. The Lions fall to 0-2 in the season.

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