With a die-hard football community at the heart of this NFT project, Ludo Labs takes a step forward in creating unforgettable, personalized fan experiences and interactions directly with some of the world’s biggest football stars.

NFTs seem to be the only thing anyone is talking about, in the football world and beyond – so what exactly are they? One can think of NFTs as similar to real-life collectibles like trading cards or vinyl records that each have their own quality. These one-of-a-kind tokens can really be anything digital – from art and music to tacos and football, these digital assets are all the rage right now. In the way that physical money is fungible and tradeable on a like for like basis, NFTs are exactly the opposite – non-fungible – meaning they have a unique digital identifier that cannot be copied, substituted, or subdivided making them a unique asset that is not directly replaceable with another asset – and therefore, priced at what the willing buyer and willing seller is ready to transact at.

Over the course of the NFT craze, many celebrities and influencers alike have been accused of ‘abusing the trend in the market’ in an effort to make exorbitant amounts of money – but the old adage holds – ‘we can’t paint everyone with the same brush’. While this may have happened, there have also been many other celebrities that have noticed that NFTs can now serve as a bridge to truly target a micro community of their fan base and connect with them. Footballers are no exclusion to that trend, as many of them have jumped on board a series of projects in an effort to associate to the new web3 ecosystem and connect with their fan base. One such exciting NFT project is Ludo Labs. Themed around football, Ludo Labs has developed the first ever collect-to-experience (C2E) NFT project that brings fans closer to their favourite football players. Having built a digital football community where fans and globally renowned players get a chance to interact and share their experiences, that revives their collective love for the game; participants stand a chance of gaining exclusive insights from footballers at a global level.

Think of Ludo Labs like a cool membership only clubhouse, driven by a common passion – football. Collectors gain exclusive access to rewards and perks like VIP hospitality match tickets to a game of their choice across some of the biggest in Europe, getting match worn jerseys signed by players, interacting with them online, or even playing a 5v5 match in person with the stars. The list of possiblities seems endless at Ludo Labs – with the team having pulled out all the stops to focus on fan experience delivery. It seems they have struck the balance between coordinated and planned activations, and running on the fly – proving their deep connections and relationships with their partners – one collector in fact without notice was approached by Diogo Dalot to meet after the Manchester United game; the collector eventually met him, got his match jersey, a signature and photo – when nobody else was able to even get close, all because of a Ludo Labs sign!

Another experience of note included an Italian Super Cup Final giveaway where a holder was rewarded with 2 VIP match tickets to the Italian Super Cup game between Inter Milan and Juventus.

Other interesting events include intimate AMAs with players like Miralem Pjanic, Bacary Sagna and Diogo Dalot, hosted by Ludo Labs. It gave members an opportunity to talk to players first hand and ask questions in the case of Sagna, about Arsenal, Man City, mental health and some other personal questions. With Diogo, fans tuned in to hear him speak about what it means to be a professional footballer in 2021, his career as he continues to develop his game at the highest European level and what it means to be at the cutting edge of technology – while Miralem spoke passionately to his fans about the need to be well balanced both on and off the pitch to provide true balance to your game and mind. Ludo Labs NFT also runs raffles for collectors including signed UCL match jerseys of Paulo Dybala, giving out valuable NFTs to collectors such as the Lazy Lion, a Cool Cat NFT, Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFT and many other NFT/ ETH related prizes. To date, the team have given out close to 100 prizes to its community, with some holding real value.

It’s quite simple actually – the more NFTs one collects, the more likely are their chances to score higher in the upcoming collect-to-experience contests. Through the ownership of a single Ludo Labs NFT, fans unlock unforgettable interactions, personalized memorabilia, access to fireside chats and other experiences directly from players that have otherwise been known to be unattainable.

With the intent to be the home to all football fans in the metaverse, Ludo Labs NFT brings some of the world’s biggest football superstars into their roster to bridge the gap between the players and their fans. Stars like Paulo Dybala (Juventus), Edin Dzeko (Inter Milan), Miralem Pjanic (Besiktas), Jeremiah St. Juste (Mainz), Mahmoud Dahoud (Dortmund), Mohamed Elneny (Arsenal), and Diogo Dalot (Man United) are active player partners at Ludo Labs as part of this new-age digital football community. The standout feature of this project, compared to others, is having the players as partners rather than marketing ambassadors; making them more involved, active and opens up a realm of possible fan experiences for the holders.

Ludo Labs also has a referral program that allows members to generate a unique code that gives collectors a chance to earn 10% cash back on every mint made using their code, instantly giving the members a chance to earn a passive income. Further earning mechanisms have been integrated into the Ludo Labs discord server around activity, challenges, competitions and raffles – where some users have been able to generate substantial income through their presence on the server.

Ludo Labs has partnered with Common Goal – the largest social movement in football – where hundreds of players, coaches and other stakeholders in football have pledged 1% of their salaries per annum towards causes that can use football as a catalyst for change. Ludo Labs has committed to providing 5% of all primary and secondary transactions towards supporting Common Goal.

Furthermore, they have also partnered with Aerial.io, a software tool that empowers any individual to take climate action and reduce their carbon footprint across NFTs, transport and other emission sources. Ludo Labs works with Aerial in an effort to ensure it remains as close to carbon neutral as possible while also helping offset carbon emissions worldwide.

Ludo Labs is already ahead of the game and is soon launching a credit/debit card integration which allows users to mint an NFT within 30 seconds, without the hassle of first setting up a crypto wallet and purchasing ETH. It will be a seamless 1 step process to checkout using your card, a move forward to leave no stone unturned in creating one-of-a-kind experiences for fans at Ludo Labs.

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