The 49ers began preparations for the NFC West showdown with the Seahawks, moving two rosters before Wednesday’s practice. Veteran cornerback buster screens were officially added to the roster, and practice windows were opened for defensive linemen Morris Hearst and cornerback Devonte Harris.

Skrine gives the 49ers an experienced slot corner with K’Waun Williams side by side with a calf strain. With San Francisco on 52 players, there was no relevant move to bring him on the roster.

Both Hurst and Harris initially made a roster of 53, but the injured went to reserve which forced them to sit out for at least three weeks.

Hearst suffered an ankle sprain in the second week of the pre-season against the Chargers. It will provide some extra room on the defensive line under the 49ers who have made some in the first few games.

Carris joined the Harris team late and was a bit surprised in the final roster. He suffered a hamstring injury late in the pre-season that set him aside for the first few games. Now he mixes himself back in time. The 4ers are desperately in need of help in that situation, and Harris hires another player to help them find their secondary shore.

Neither Hearst nor Harris count against the 53-man roster when practicing. The 49ers now have their window open and they have three weeks to either put them on the active roster or put them back on the IR for the rest of the season.

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