Picking out the ideal jewelry pieces for your collection can be a harder task then it sounds.
The designs can get repetitive and unoriginal and the quality can be terrible. A broken clasp,
a 3 month wait for the shipping or even a green neck from a necklace. We experienced it all
and understand your frustrations, and we have scouted and inspected a number of websites
to finally present the solution to all of your jewelry problems. Freyatreasures is a brand that
originally started small and grew more and more as their clientele expanded to 50 000
customers. How, you may ask?
Youthful designs that have an original look but can still be classy and fashionable, but most
importantly, that you can comfortably afford under a budget. The designs are meticulously
thought out and complete your look or can even dress it up more. Design aside, the 304
stainless steel used is top notch and puts together a resilient piece of jewelry that can
withstand pretty much anything. The affordable aspect of the website also makes it easier to
splurge on matching sets and simple pieces for layering which is any girl’s dream.
The shipping portion of the experience is also pleasant as you get updates on your package
until it arrives and the waiting time doesn’t exceed a week. The customer support team is all
ears and can be very helpful with giving you quick answers and solutions, a simple bonus
that is appreciated compared to brands that don’t put in the effort.
Spoiler alert! The packaging is absolutely gorgeous and can even double as storage for your
new treasures. We completely fell in love with the attention to detail and overall experience
of the purchase and utterly recommend it.
After trying on your new pieces, you can tag the brand and be featured on their insta story or
even feed which is a sizable honor since they hold more than 200k followers. Our little tip:
sign up to the ambassadorship program to get more discounts and even your own code. By
sharing it, you can make a commission each time it is used or get some plain old store
credit that always comes in handy.
Freyatreasures is slowly making its way to the top and rightfully so, the treasures are worth
every penny and more, the customer is listened to and appreciated and the quality is
undeniable. This brand ticked all the boxes for us and we are confident you will share our
admiration for it too