Xbox Series S now comes in Carbon Black and has an upgraded 1TB SSD

Microsoft announced new games at its annual Xbox Games Showcase, and the company also revealed that a new Xbox console would be available later this year. Microsoft demonstrated the Xbox Series S Carbon Black, an improved version of the Xbox Series S with 1 TB of internal storage and a brand-new Carbon Black finish. The console won’t actually be available until September 1, 2023, despite the fact that pre-orders can be placed starting today. Besides, the new console gets a $50 cost knock from the original, coming in at $349.99.

The new Carbon Black model will rectify the original console’s storage issues, with clients getting double the storage for just $50 more. When it first came out in 2020, the Xbox Series S was a great console for gamers on a budget. The Series S has 10GB of GDDR6 memory, an AMD Ryzen 2 processor, and support for all the most recent Xbox games. The Series S does not come with a disc drive, so all games must be downloaded. This is the only drawback.

Although the original console’s 512GB of storage was a little on the small side, game sizes have increased significantly since its release. Therefore, Microsoft providing gamers with a new option in 2023 is commendable. The console will continue to support external storage, just as it did in the past. However, modern Xbox consoles require expensive proprietary external devices.

Of course, Microsoft will still offer the 512GB model for $300 if you are not willing to pay $350 for the new model. The new console’s pre-order period begins today, and the Xbox Series S will be available worldwide on September 1. The console is expected to be available at Best Buy and Amazon, but for the time being, you can pre-order it on the Microsoft website or Of course, Xbox accessories for the Xbox Series X are cross-compatible; therefore, if you plan to play with friends, don’t forget to purchase additional controllers.