Precision and persistence – Mohsin Nawaz dominating the 68th Bisley Long Range competition

The Bisley long-range competition, held annually in South Africa, is one of the most prestigious events in the world of shooting. It attracts top F. Class sportsmen worldwide to compete in various long-range shooting disciplines, including precision rifle shooting, bench rest shooting, and high-power rifle shooting. The 68th Bisley long-range competition was particularly noteworthy for the performance of Pakistani F. Class shooter Mohsin Nawaz. Despite tough competition from some of the world’s best F. Class shooters, Mohsin emerged as a force, setting new records and raising the bar for long-range shooting.

The Bisley long-range competition allows F. Class Shooters from around the world to come together and share their knowledge, skills, and experiences. It is a place where shooters can learn from each other, exchange tips and techniques, and build a global network of like-minded individuals who share a passion for shooting.

Mohsin’s victory was especially significant for Pakistan, which has traditionally struggled to make a mark in international F. Class shooting competitions. Moshin’s achievement brought much-needed attention and recognition to Pakistan’s shooting community and has inspired a new generation of young shooters to take up the sport.

Mohsin’s win was also significant for the broader international shooting community. Shooting is a sport that requires discipline, focus, and a keen eye for detail, and the skills required for success in shooting are transferable to many other areas of life. By showcasing the excellence of the world’s top shooters, the Bisley long-range competition helps to promote the values of dedication, perseverance, and precision.

Mohsin is a name that has become synonymous with long-range sports shooting in Pakistan. He is a certified sports nutritionist and has obtained Competition Hand Loading training from L.B.I Precision for competitions. He is the first Pakistani to have a National Rifle Association (N.R.A.) classification card in the United States. Besides his passion for F. Class competitive shooting, he is also a certified self-defense trainer and coach. He completed his training and courses in self-defense and close protection operations from Euseca, Europe, considered one of the world’s best training institutes.

Hailing from the industrious city of Faisalabad in the Punjab province of Pakistan, Mohsin was brought up in a family entrenched in the business realm. His family owned a reputable manufacturing firm, namely Chenab Engg. Works & Foundries Pvt Ltd.

Mohsin’s thirst for knowledge was evident from a young age as he pursued his education in his hometown and earned his F.S.C. and D.A.E. from the prestigious Wah Engineering College. He further expanded his horizons by enrolling in the Dallas Health Institute, where he obtained certification in Clinical Psychology and Sports Nutrition in 2016.

Mohsin’s passion for shooting was ignited in his youth, growing up in Pakistan. Beginning with air rifles, he honed his skills and progressed to more advanced firearms, consistently dedicating himself to practice and improvement. Through his determination and talent, he began participating in local F. Class shooting competitions, quickly establishing a reputation as a skilled F. Class Sports Shooter. His success escalated as he advanced to national F. Class competitions, ultimately being chosen to represent Pakistan at international shooting events. While competing against some of the world’s top shooters, Mohsin’s abilities allowed him to make his mark on the global stage.

Mohsin is preparing for the National Championship in Olympic archery and will represent Pakistan nationally and internationally in the Olympics. Mohsin’s achievements are not limited to his professional life only. He is a lifetime member of the Wild Sheep Foundation and the Safari Club International U.S.

His passion for the sport and dedication to promoting awareness and providing training and coaching to individuals interested in competitive shooting make him stand out in the world of sports. Mohsin Nawaz believes that with the right guidance, dedication, and hard work, anyone can achieve great things and make their country proud.

Mohsin is a talent hunter, promoter, and trainer for students interested in shooting, and he provides training for free. He is also passionate about coaching and training in sports psychology, conflict management, close protection teamwork, and briefing.

Put short, Mohsin Nawaz is a champion of long-range sports shooting, with a passion for the sport that extends beyond his accomplishments. He also recieved a lifetime achievement award in May of 2023. He is committed to promoting awareness and providing training and coaching to individuals interested in competitive shooting. Mohsin Nawaz’s dedication to the sport and desire to help others achieve their goals make him a valuable asset to competitive sports shooting.