Spzrts is a sports media company that is well-reputed for its diverse coverage of sports in an effective manner. The passion for sports enabled them to come up with this great initiative. Their goal is to make the most durable, comfortable, and long-lasting sports gear for players and athletes all over the globe

Marko Danial, known as Pharaoic, is popular throughout social media for his esteemed advice to emerging entrepreneurs as well as being the founder and CEO of Spzrts.

Pharaoic has a huge passion for basketball, which led to him getting more recognition in the arena of sports. Pharaoic’s academic major is solely in engineering; his plans are so vast that he is potentially looking to expand the platform of his company, Spzrts.

The company prides itself on authenticity in covering sports but also aims to make its apparel and gear affordable for the majority population. The mission statement of the company is, “We fully understand the compassion and efforts you have put before perfecting your game, and will not let anything get in your way.” Spzrts acknowledges the passion athletes utilize to drive and fuel their love for the game. Led by Danial, Spzrts is ultimately a company that takes a healthy initiative for athletes being satisfied with “choosing nothing less than the best.”

Pharaoic was fueled by support from his friends and fans. The support he was receiving allowed him to come up with a unique company, Spzrts, confidently. Unlike more prominent sports outlets such as the likes of ESPN, Sportscenter, Overtime, and so forth, Spzrts is dedicated to helping athletes from all over the world accomplish their goals and ensuring that nothing gets in the way.

Spzrts is a company that provides gear for athletes but also intends to motivate and influence athletes. The gear is extremely affordable, which makes the company different from its competition. The company also holds a platform that is pivotal for many athletes globally to build off of. The goal of the company is to be of assistance or impact journeys of many in a positive light.

Through his hard work and determination, Pharaoic’s goal is to be able to inspire athletes worldwide. Pharaoic believes that if you genuinely want something, you will find a way to get it. More importantly, “if you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will,” Danial states.

From a social media influencer to an entrepreneur, Pharaoic has already begun to build quite an impressive following and network for himself. To be so youthful, Pharaoic has become experienced in making many useful connections that he utilized well. Not only has he been able to build a name for himself, but for his company, Spzrts.

Through his hard work and dedication, Pharaoic proved that anything is possible, as long as you put your heart to it. Marko Danial became able to achieve all this and continues to build more than a brand with Spzrts at a young age, with much more time left in his journey.

To see more on Marko Danial and Spzrts, go to their official Instagram accounts, which are @Pharaoic and @Spzrts!

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