Anyone who’s spent more than five minutes on the marketing scene will tell you – it’s all about the branding. The clearer the brand, the more well-known it becomes. The better the campaign behind that brand, the more the business will sell.

In this branding-obsessed world, one man is really making a name for himself when it comes to defining branding.

Barion McQueen, CEO of The Brand Castle, is showcasing his unique vision and applying himself 200% to each project he touches. In the past, he’s collaborated with impressive, top-tier clientele, such as beverage king Coca-Cola, automobile manufacturer Mercedes Benz, world-renowned distillery Hennessy and sportswear giant Adidas.

Each of these brands have benefited from Mr. McQueen’s innovative approach to marketing and branding. But Barion McQueen does not solely work with big, already established brands. As an experienced entrepreneur and overall creative, he enjoys working with young start-ups, with businesses who are at the very beginning of their journey. With the help and dedication of Barion McQueen and his Brand Castle, these struggling businesses flourish and grow.

McQueen approaches each project as a fresh new challenge. He partners with creatives, genuinely smart people in every field from web development to digital content, and works with the client, rather than for them.

It’s an interesting approach because so many regard the relationship between a company and their marketing agency as a mere business transaction. While technically correct, this approach is limited, and as such, yields limited success.

The Brand Castle proves that they are invested in seeing their clients succeed, regardless of the field of business. They prove a profound sense of understanding for what the client needs. And that is, a unique voice.

If you want your business to succeed, you need someone who isn’t afraid to put you out there and show people what you’re made of, someone with a gift for connecting with others, as Barion McQueen does.

Perhaps the source of McQueen’s passion for branding is his former career as a rap artist. Having retired from the music business at the age of 30, roughly around the same time he founded The Brand Castle, McQueen understood something.

He understood the hardships of young entrepreneurs, which helped him connect with his clients. It’s much easier to work with someone you understand. Much easier to build on feelings that you yourself have experienced and Barion seems to have taken advantage of every experience in his life: from the disappointments to the successes, such as The Brand Castle’s early-on collaboration with Pepsi, that really cemented their reputation as one of the leading branding agencies in the game.

It only stands to reason that a branding company should have a strong personality and a unique brand themselves. It’s telling of the services they offer, and The Brand Castle definitely has ascertained a strong brand that stands out from the rest.

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