Darjeeling has a varied range of culture comprising of cooking styles of the Gorkhas, Khampa, Lepcha, Sherpas. The food of Darjeeling is popular for its cuisine that is basically a mix of food that is affected by West Bengal, Tibet, and Nepal, which makes for a genuinely exciting culinary scene in Darjeeling.

Here is a some of the delicious and famous food of Darjeeling:

  1. Thukpa

Thukpa is basically a dish of Darjeeling however discovers its roots in Tibetan food. A hot-noodle soup, Thukpa involves numerous veggies, some standard hint of flavors, and Hakka noodles. It is one of the most appreciated dishes inside the town and is accessible at practically every one of the restaurants and roadside stalls.

  1. Customary Nepali Thali

A Thali is a platter of different range of food varieties served on a single plate. The traditional Nepali Thali is a superb blend of our every day way of life food, which holds its creativity and conveys the clients some awesome and flavorful food. A customary Thali involves ‘Dal’, ‘Bhaat’, ‘Tarkaari’, ‘Chutney or Achaar’ lastly a sweet dish to finish the meal with a bang. The Nepali thali is a typical and favoured food in Darjeeling.

  1. Naga Cuisine

The Naga population inside the city is extensively lower; in any case, their populace’s influence on food in Darjeeling is very outstanding in the town. The Naga food is popular for its meats and fish which are frequently cooked through the most common way of smoking, aging and so on A stupendous Naga thali includes matured rice presented with chicken or pork, also with fermented bamboo shoots, achaar and a sweet dish.

  1. Momos

While Momos have become a popular snack in numerous metropolitan cities, it is one of the most revered plates of food in Darjeeling. Part of Tibetan food, Momos are generally dumplings made out of flour with vegetable or chicken/pork stuffing and can be cooked through the most common way of steaming or deep frying. Momos are additionally presented with a bowl of hot soup as an afterthought with generally 6-7 pieces on a plate.

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