The famous Texas gambler “Mattress Mack”, known in his hometown of the multi-billion dollar sports team, could win 36 million in the World Series.

Furniture tycoon Jim McIngwale placed a 3.3 million bet on the Houston Astros facing the Atlanta Braves on Tuesday. He is known to have placed bets in Indiana.

According to William Hill, this could be the largest payout in the history of sports betting.

“It’s great that William Hill took such a big bet on futures,” McIngwale told KHOU.

“Congratulations to William Hill for moving forward and making that big bet. I have made many bets with William Hill and they have always been good for me. The implementation was always great. ”

McIngwale won 2. 2.72 million in February, earning 45 3.45 million and 3.5 3.45 million when he beat the Kansas City Chiefs 31-9 to win 3.5 points.

“This is a potential historical pledge and we would love to take it,” Eric Hayson, co-chairman of Sports for Caesar Entertainment, said in a statement.

“We pride ourselves on our flexibility in our sportsbooks and sports betting apps. This stick definitely makes the baseball season a little more exciting for us and we look forward to seeing how it goes. ”

During a deadly winter storm in February in Texas, McIngwell turned his furniture store into a non-electricity shelter for residents. After Hurricane Harvey, McIngwell similarly opened his shops for shelter, causing several feet of rain to fall in the area.

McIngwell, 70, lives in Houston and owns a gallery furniture retail chain. The original Mississippi native also stepped back in 2019 after hitting the 11 million mark on the 2019 Astros-National World Series as part of a store promotion.

He also co-authored a book in 2002 called “Always Think Big” and is known in his local community for his charitable efforts.

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