Vivek Sethia is all Set to Revolutionize How Sports are Perceived in India with his new venture, Bs with Vs | Interview with Vivek Sethia

Vivek Sethia, a renowned name in the Indian sports niche, is all set to launch his new venture “BS with VS” and aims to revolutionize the way sports are perceived, discussed, and viewed by fans across the country. With an incredible passion for sports and budding sportsmen, here’s the man who has made sport not only his passion but also his profession. Here’s an interview with Vivek Sethia and read about his aim to create an online community for sports fans where they can not only know more about their favourite sports but can also contribute their ideas, perspectives, and much more.

About Vivek Sethia:

A 5-time National Junior Skating Champion, MBA from Cornell University, a management consultant with Deloitte at its NYC HQs, and a successful entrepreneur and CEO of India’s leading sports management company, India on Track – Vivek Sethia masters the art of being a “Successful Leader”. From being a sports lover to scoring 100% in Maths, the all-rounder is currently focusing on crafting a unique sports platform that can help sports fans & enthusiasts glean resourceful insights across diverse sports/games.

Interview with Vivek Sethia:

Sneha- Hi Vivek, How are you?

Vivek: I am great! How are you doing?

Sneha: Tell us a bit about Breaking Sports with Vivek Sethia.

Vivek: BS with VS is not a page. It’s my attempt to form a community of sports fans that can come together and discuss topics around sports. These topics can be just banter or serious topics like improving the effectiveness of the various sporting initiatives undertaken nationally. The community also gets to enjoy my strong opinion about sports and sports administration. 

Sneha: So where did you get this idea or inspiration to start BS with VS?

Well, sport is my life. So this was natural. It’s just an extension of my personality. This is not a page; this is not a social media profile. It is a part of me. This is what I stand for, and this is who I am. Of course, sometimes my agency makes me look sexy, which might be a stretch 😉

Sneha: You must be fully equipped with detailed sports knowledge. Give our audience quick masala news 😀

Vivek: Haha, well, the biggest masala discussion these days is the humungous IPL media rights worth 48K crores or even the FIFA ban of AIFF. With regards to IPL, my view on this is that these are highly over-valued, and someone in this ecosystem will lose money. The beauty of IPL always used to be that all stakeholders were making money. Not sure how it will be the case. Well on FIFA, all I can say is that maybe we deserved it. Irrespective of what happened, I think it’s all fixable and we should aim to put Indian football back on track asap.

Sneha: You are an entrepreneur also, so how do you manage the time for both work & passion?

Vivek: Well, it’s really simple, to be honest. Work is driven completely by passion. I used to be a consultant in NY and one fine day decided to quit my corporate life and move back to India to work in sports. And 12 years hence, I still can’t always believe that I get paid to talk about sports. I am so so blessed.

Sneha: What’s your take on nepotism in sports?

Vivek: I don’t think it exists in sports in reality. I mean, some great players have tried to push their kids, but in reality, it’s not like Bollywood, where unlimited chances can be given to the players. It’s purely on performance. However, there is nepotism in sports administration. I know federations that are run by generations of a particular family. And that, to me, is disgusting. There are federations run by families rather than generations and in my view, it’s absolutely everything that is wrong with our sporting bodies.

Sneha– Apart from sports, what are other hobbies of Vivek?

Vivek: I love to travel. I have experienced the cultures of over 65 countries. I have lived on 4 different continents. I love seeking experiences across the globe and specifically spiritual experiences. But I always involve sports in my travels as well. I like to watch live matches when I am traveling as well.

Sneha: What motivates Vivek truly?

Vivek: The feeling of community is what truly motivates me. That is one of the main reasons I love sports. It’s competition but also community. Whether it’s in my travels, sports, or spiritual practices, it’s all about community for me.

Sneha: Vivek’s go-to quote in tough/hard times?

Vivek: More than a quote, what makes me go through tough times is more a self-reflection on what is there to lose in life. And usually, the answer is nothing, and that motivates me.

Sneha: If you could be any sportsman for One Day, who would it be & why?

Vivek: Rahul Dravid. Hands down. I love the guy and what he stands for. I would love to live his life for a day, especially when India is playing a test match away in England and he is batting through the day.

Sneha– One thing the Indian Sports Governing body needs to change in India?

Vivek: EVERYTHING. Honestly everything. Our bodies are not funded and mostly have no vision or tools to run a sport. This is a big conversation, but overall we need a full overhaul for our systems to be effective.

Sneha– One thing Vivek can’t live a day without?

Vivek: I guess without my phone, haha, but especially without my music. I am obsessed with twenty-one pilots these days.

Sneha– Any message for our Budding Sportsmen who want to make big in sports for India?

Vivek: It’s a long, long, long hard journey, but there is surely light at the end of the tunnel. Keep at it!

So, whether you are looking for authentic sports content, want to connect with the sports community, seek honest guidance to improve your craft, or extend your reach, Breaking Sports is your destination. Vivek’s success in creating this platform and making it reachable to every sport in India would ultimately contribute to the betterment of sports in India. It would be uniquely helpful in multiple ways to all the budding talents in sports. So, we wish him all the best and hope Vivek succeeds in uniting the sports fans with his “Breaking Sports with Vivek Sethia”.

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