Virat Kohli : A Run-Machine or a Captaincy Maestro

One of the greatest batsmen this crickest have ever witnessed is Virat Kohli. From a young aggressive middle-order batsman to a legend of the game, Virat Kohli has seen every view of the life. The Indian captain is the backbone of the team and has played masterclass innings for the teamBut, whenever needed. 

In the starting day, he was an outcast with some bad-boy attitude, he was really rare in Indian Cricket. Virat Kohli captained the Indian U-19 side, which life the World Cup in 2008, in Kuala Lumpur. Soon after that win, Virat was selected for the Senior Men’s team which was full of big names like legendary Sachin Tendulkar, two big names from Delhi, Gautam Gambhir and destructive Virendra Sehwag. He made his international debut against Sri Lanka, at their home where he scored 12 on 22 balls he played. His world cup win was proof that he is going to be the next big thing in Indian Cricket. 

His technique and shot selection were always a master class since his ODI debut. He currently averages 59.3 in ODI cricket and has a superb average of 53.8 and 51.6 in Test and T20I respectively. These stats are not even close to ordinary.

 The world has admired his great skills and he is known as King Kohli- the king of run chases. There were some hard times for Virat also when he went on England Tour under MS Dhoni captaincy and collapsed miserably but since then we have witnessed a whole new version of Virat Kohli.

Virat Kohli, the captain has come into the picture even before his senior Men’s team debut, where he added the first feather to his hat winning the U-19 World cups for India. Whenever the legendary MS Dhoni was used to give rest, Virat Kohli was chosen and he performed considerably well. But the real captain Virat Kohli after a sudden retirement announcement by MS Dhoni in India vs Australia Series. Virat was the first obvious choice by team management. Virat has played 68 matches(till date) as captain and has managed to win 49 of them, with a stunning winning percentage of 73+.

But there is always a question knocking our mind, will these stats be the same after the retirement of MS Dhoni? Was the team made Virat become such a successful captain? Is he a better captain than the legendary captain cool Mahendra Singh Dhoni? These questions can be answered either by believing him blindly or waiting MS Dhoni for his retirement. No doubt Virat Kohli is one of the legends of the game have ever produced but is that in captaincy too??

Anant Singh Raghuvanshi
Anant Singh is Sports Enthusiasts, Blogger, Content writer , Entrepreneur and above all a human being.