‘Fire broke out, cables got scorched’: Ganguly on Eden Garden mishap in front of World Cup 2023

Fire broke out at Kolkata’s Eden Nurseries on Wednesday hours after the updated World Cup 2023 timetable was reported, Taxi president Snehasish Ganguly affirmed.

Fire broke out at Kolkata’s Eden Garden arena on Wednesday hours after the reconsidered timetable of the World Cup 2023 was reported. The famous scene, which will have five matches of the masterpiece occasion, including the subsequent elimination round, was hit by a late-night tragedy when blazes overwhelmed one of the rooms bringing about debatable harm. The Eden Nurseries, home to a portion of India’s most great successes over the long haul remembering the VVS Laxman-Rahul Dravid long distance race for the legendary 2001 Test against Australia and the 1993 Legend Cup last, is going through redesign to be completely ready for the World Cup. The fire was caused in light of the fact that flashes rising up out of one of the sauna warmers got a pile of towels stayed close, which raised the fire. Fortunately however, this peripheral blip will affect the cutoff time.

A fire broke out last night at 11.50 pm. People who were working here saw smoke and then the fire. Immediately, two fire tenders were pressed into action and flames were doused in no time. There was no damage to the dressing room as such. Only some cables were burnt. But certainly, there is no sabotage angle,” Cricket Relationship of Bengal (Taxi) president Snehasish Ganguly told journalists on Thursday.

Eden Nurseries is one of the numerous arenas that will require clean up in front of the ICC’s greatest cricketing spectacle. The redesign incorporates achieving upgrades to the press box, media relax and corporate boxes. The arena likewise went through redesign in front of the 2011 World Cup with a rough of 32 million USD spent on the task. However, regardless of laying out such gobsmacking sum, Taxi couldn’t clutch the marque conflict among India and Britain after the arena neglected to meet the prerequisites of the principles set by the ICC. This time around however, Ganguly isn’t taking a risk with anything.

The CWC 2023 holds utter importance for this notable arena, which will have a World Cup semi-last following 27 years – the India versus Sri Lanka semi from the 1996 World Cup was the last example – and despite the fact that Eden was where the grasping India versus Pakistan blockbuster occurred during the 2016 World T20, a World Cup knockout game brings an alternate air through and through. Eden Garden has likewise recently facilitated two World Cup finals – 1987 and 2016.

Eden Garden’ World Cup 2023 schedule

In contrast to different scenes however, Kolkata will get a move on parcel later. It will have its most memorable World Cup game on October 28 among Bangladesh and the Netherlands, trailed by what vows to be a very unpredictable coordinate among Pakistan and Bangladesh on the last day of the month. Following a five-day hole, India will play South Africa on November 5, preceding Britain and Pakistan will feature Kolkata’s last association round of CWC ’23 on November 11. This is the very game that was initially arranged for November 12, however after Taxi revealed that security could be a problem given the coordinate harmonizes with the Hindu celebration of Kali Puja, the match was progressed by a day.