Your hobbies often define you as a person. One should have hobbies not just for doing something in their leisure time, but for evolving as a person in terms of knowledge, creativity, and mindset. Nick McCandless, the Founder and CEO of McCandless Group, shares how his hobbies helped him in the long run to start a successful business that generates millions in revenue every month.

Before delving into software development and entrepreneurship, Nick was also an avid Pittsburgh Steelers fan. Thanks to his upbringing and being highly active in sports (primarily baseball), he learned very crucial life lessons like dedication, teamwork, and focusing on your goals. Nick attributes his success to these core values saying that most of what he learned on the field has been applied to his business. For example, just the way players can only win if they are united and have cooperation among them, business demands team dedication and leadership. 

Be it his employees, clients, or partners, he considers them all his “teammates” working together towards a mutual goal. He says that he would even go beyond the “contractual deal” while working together. You will often find him reading up on stocks, real estate, and other investment opportunities that most deem boring. He also likes to keep himself up-to-date with the latest technological inventions. These hobbies have helped him stay ahead of the curve and prepare himself for what the future holds.

Nick thinks that it’s remarkable how his hobbies themselves have helped him grow in life along with others who work with him. His technology skills allowed him to create the life many only had dreamt of having prior. Nick McCandless now spends time with his clients building actual relationships out of the professional environment he has now appreciated and values.

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