Vegas oddsmakers expect Ohio State to win around 10 games this season.

The wagering number for Ohio State’s 2019 regular season win all out opens 10 games on the Vegas sportsbook with the “under” opening with shorter chances.

The opening chances for the “over” are set at +125, which means a $100 wager returns $125 in winnings. The under, in the interim, opens at – 145, which means a $145 bet returns $100. Regarding likelihood, these chances recommend it’s more probable Ohio State completes with fewer than 10 wins than in excess of 10 wins, at any rate as per Vegas.

The Buckeyes do have a more thorough schedule than year’s past, with a first-year head coach and another starter at quarterback.

The 2019 ordinary season plan features Ohio State’s run of the mill Big Ten East games against superb rivals Penn State, Michigan State and Michigan addition to what could be top-25 matchups against Cincinnati, Northwestern, Nebraska and Wisconsin.

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