Cricket IPL 2024

IPL-12 (IPL 2019) : Harrier Catch competition : SUV car to the best catching spectator from audience

If you are going to watch a match in this year’s IPL, then you have an opportunity to win an SUV. This year, Tata has organized the Harrier Catch competition and the best holders of the IPL will get Tata Harier SUV.

In the IPL matches, the batsmen have hit a six, and the audience is caught by one hand. The video of this viewer’s catch was also viral. That’s why, in the 12th season of the IPL, Tata has organized the Harrier Catch competition. If a player holds a catch under this tournament, he will get a prize of Rs. 1 lakh. But this catch will have to be taken by one hand. The catch which is best for the whole season, is to get a Harrier SUV. It is curious about who gets the SUV.

The IPL will start on March 23 and will be played till the first week of June. This is the first time that the competition will be played in India even after the Lok Sabha elections.