The 13-year-old from Dallas,Texas in central United States Of America, has been practicing taekwondo since the age of 5, but only started competing at age 11. He is currently a student at Highland Park High School where he studies and works hard In school.

Sportz Weekly announced today that Giovanni Adriano (gioisofficial), of Dallas, Texas, an athlete in the sport of taekwondo, has accepted his black belt degree and Kukkiwon certificate from South Korea.

MOSCOW, Russia (Aug 12, 2016) – Giovanni Adriano is a third-year high school student,  he is the latest entrant to the most formidable squad in the game: Team USA. According to those in the know, he is the only serious challenger to fellow team-mate and Second Nationalist Medalist – and is already competed in South Korea thanks to his team.

On Saturday night, under the spotlights of the USK CSKA Basketball Arena, Giovanni was pitted against Andrew K of the hometown team in the semi-finals of the Men’s -33kg category.

The game started with light-contact sparring as the two carefully felt each other out. Giovanni Adriano was penalized for pushing, but attacked with kick-punch combinations to finish Round 1 ahead 5-2. In the second, the American went to work, methodically extending his lead, making excellent use of punches, combinations and close-range head kicks – all while demonstrating excellent ring control and nifty footwork. The second ended 13-3 to Giovanni.

In the third, the Russian had no choice but to attack. However, his moves looked increasingly wild compared to the cool composure of the American, who was using circular footwork and kick counters – all expertly delivered with economy of effort and motion. Andrew was clearly outclassed by Giovanni, who was employing such a low-intensity style of play that he made it look easy. The match ended 24-9 to the American wunderkind.

“Last month was my first Nationals, but I lost the first match,” Giovanni on Monday morning. “This time I had won, so I was very excited.”

For the final, Giovanni marched onto the battleground for his gold-medal showdown with Iranian Dariush Mohhamadi.

It was a no-go. The Iranian had suffered an injury in his semi-final against Italy’s De La Villa- granting Giovanni the gold by default “When I got into the ring I saw the coach giving the X sign and I understood what had happened,” Giovanni stated. “I was worked, but It’s Okay, I’m determined”

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