Top 5 Boxers with Most First Round Knockouts

Many boxers have impressive records for KO or knockouts during their era. You may still watch their match today. The most knockout record makes the boxer a legend. However, there is another thing you should know with same level of interest. It is about the boxers with most first round knockouts. Two boxers in the same ring will start the match. After the bell is ring, one boxer gives string hit and the opposite goes down. After counting, he cannot stand straight and the winner is decided. This is something that you will not see every day. If the boxer can do such thing more often, he will be the legendary.

  • Tyrone Brunson
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Boxing Record (28-8-2)  25 wins by Knockout (19 First Round)

You should put Tyrone Brunson in the list of boxers with most first round knockouts. His name was very prominent in modern era after Mike Tyson. Some boxers hold the record about this one not by consecutive time. On the other hand, Brunson could get more than three years with first round knockouts. He might not have less win with other in same category but consecutive matches with first round knockouts are more than enough to consider him as the best.

  • Deontay Wilder   
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Boxing Record (42-1-1)  41 wins by Knockout (20 First Round)

The next name in this list is hard puncher Deontay Wilder. He has several records regarding first round knockouts. Moreover, he is considered the best due to quick movement and agility with powerful hit. If you look for record boxers with most first round winning, his name will ring the bell. As of March 2020, his only loss was against Tyson Fury via knock out.

  • Mike Tyson
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Boxing Record (50-6-0)  44 wins by Knockout (22 First Round)

In 1988, the young boxer made surprise win after he sealed the matched in the first round. Several years later, other boxers must had utmost courage if challenged him directly. The name was Mike Tyson. He still had the big name in entertainment industry even retirement time was long time ago. He won at least 20 matches with first round knockout. Some of his opponents were the top boxers. That’s why his record becomes more impressive. The winning is not for matches with low-level boxer but also skilled and professional ones.

  • Shannon Briggs  
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 Boxing Record (60-6-1)  53 wins by Knockout (37 First Round)

Shannon Briggs had long history in the boxing world. He became champions and won many matches with knockouts. He had 37 matches where he won in just first round. This record is more than enough to consider his name in this list. Some matches were very interesting due to they were done in less than 2 minutes.

  1. Peter Maher 
Peter Maher (boxer) - Wikipedia

Boxing Record (130-21-4)  104 wins by Knockout (48 First Round)

The last one might not be known in today era. You must look back and see some boxers with promising records. Some of them did matches with amateur that ended up in first round win. With his impressive numbers of first round knockouts, he deserves to recognize as one of the hard punchers in history of boxing.

Some boxers have good winning KO percentage but first round KO is rare. Only few boxers can pull up that win. The new era brings the new champion. The future will be different regarding first round KO. You may get the next list.