If you are looking to make a career in fighting or you love to see fighting sport like MMA, then you know the importance of Gloves and Boxing kit and also the Apparels. 

Today we will talk about BXGLAB Boxing Lab Apparel gaining lots of attention in the boxing market due to its superior products. It is started by superstar MMA fighter of Malaysia who is born and raised in Egypt – Helal Jr.

Well, if you are looking to buy the perfect boxer gloves, t-shirts and other Apparel, we have the best option for you all BXGLAB. Helal Jr. BXGLAB provides best quality products, and they have a top selection of boxing t-shirts which suits everyone and entirely comes in budget too. 

So if you want to make your wardrobe fresh, and display love for boxing and MMA, then you must visit Helal Jr. new venture BXGLAB www.bxglab.com.

Helal Jr. himself is a renowned athlete and famous MMA fighter his journey started in 2010 and ten years he has won many prestigious MMA titles. Achievements of Helal Jr. and his career 2011- EFC Muay Thai Champion, 2012 – EFC MMA Bantamweight Champion, 2014 – EMA Featherweight Champion, 2018 – TRFC Light Welterweight Champion. We feel he will win many more titles in the coming years.

Helal Jr. has already won many titles and heart of people around the globe with his fighting skills. Now he wants to win the heart of sportspeople with his Apparel business. Being a sports person, he knows exactly what other athlete needs in Apparel while he/she is the match or practice. Helal Jr. has good knowledge regarding clothing material, gloves and all. This quality is helping him grow faster than others in the market in Apparel Business.

Helal Jr. has two dreams which he is aiming this year or next few years. One is WBC title, and another one is to make his Apparel company BXGLAB best in the business like Nike, Puma, Adidas and all.

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