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The top 10 exercise mistakes people make, along with solutions:

1: Lack of concentration

Compound lifts are avoided because, in your opinion, they “don’t target the muscles.”

The Solution: 

It’s likely that you haven’t maximized your gains from compound lifts or reached their maximum capacity. Maintaining them will help; doing solitary workouts only will not.

2: Concentrating only on advantages:

You put less emphasis on your quads because your biceps are naturally huge and you can build them up with training.

The Solution:

Flip the script. To balance the physique, put extra work (sets, exercises, and overall volume) into the underperforming body areas.

3: Limited motion range

During dumbbell curls, you squat one inch or use momentum.

The Solution: 
Document your lifts and review them under the scrutiny of a professional. Fixing form should be your top concern. Squat deeper with lighter weights, curl with your back supported.

4: You make an effort to train when injured:

Trying to train through an injury with the mentality of “no pain, no gain” will only make it worse.

The Solution:

Once an injury has been identified, stop the exercise that is causing it, go through rehab, and then gradually resume the exercise.

5: Moving too quickly:

If you are not a powerlifter and you keep adding weight, your reps will decrease and your form will at times deteriorate as you cheat on reps.

The Solution:

To concentrate on hypertrophy, keep the reps at 8–12 as the core and occasionally go above and below that.

6: Taking it too lightly:

You keep using lesser weights in an effort to “get the pump / burn.” That can be beneficial in some circumstances, but muscle fibre loss during heavier lifts takes precedence.

The Solution:

Use weights that are challenging for 8–12 repetitions, and use “pump” sets less frequently.

7: Insufficient recovery

You probably won’t have enough time to heal if you’re trying to work out a certain body area three times per week with 20 or more total sets.

The Solution:

Make sure you obtain at least 48 hours between body parts, get at least 7 hours of sleep, and consume a lot of protein-rich foods.

8: Making too many changes:

Variety is necessary for the body to develop, but too much of it leads to chaos. Don’t choose new exercise plans at random.

The Solution: 

Progress every week and gradually switch up the exercises.

9: Cardio at an unexpected time

Before working out with weights, working out with intense cardio will wear you out and reduce your performance.

The Solution:

The Solution: Otherwise, schedule your cardio for other days or right after your workouts.

10: No goals

Without a plan, it’s simple to lose all progress after a year of aimlessly hopping from activity to workout.

The Solution:

Set both short- and long-term goals, design your programme around them, and often TRACK your weights and development in relation to that plan.