Energy … an incredibly difficult word to describe in a non-scientific way.

Sitting in Arrowhead Stadium, you can feel it in the crowd. One of my favorite memories as a chief fan is the 2019 divisional round against the Houston Texans. Wide receiver McCauley Hardman returned a nearly 70-yard kick before going over the boundary. He then bent down and the whole bench and the crowd could feel it. They can sense how things are going to change. The head took that energy and turned it directly into 51 points.

This is why teams are afraid of leaders – that unstoppable energy.

Throughout the 2020 season, the Chiefs have never played what they thought was the perfect game. The drives will stop, the defense will allow the score and the game will tighten for a second परंतु but then the big energy game will come and the Chiefs ’offense turns into an avalanche, scoring quickly with all their playmakers आणि and then stop after getting the defense. Before opponents knew what had happened, the game was out of reach.

For this chief team – energy is missing. The Chief was not perfect in any game, but the avalanche never happened in any game. Head coach Andy Reid said after the loss of Bills that he is looking forward to seeing the team play complementary football: when both offense and defense can put huge assets on each other to create an unbroken juxtaposition.

Against the Washington football team, I think you saw the first glimpse of that lost energy, and I hope this one play will inspire the change we all expect.

This is a play that will not appear in the box score due to fines being paid:

In the fourth quarter they were in the middle and the chiefs were at 24-13, trying to close the doors on any possible comeback. While the ball was in midfield, Mahoms stepped back from the looping rush. After a quick pirate to escape the defender, Mahomes sprints back to the line of scrimmage and sets fire to Tyrick Hill, who runs through the fields in his body, and hits him hard.

Hill slides to the left and stops the chasing defender to run past him. Hill looks back before finally getting a few more yards and finally exits the boundary.

Here’s the best view of the clip: This play is straightforward disrespect.

The chief has a documented history of loving basketball in the locker room and has previously been compared to the Golden State Warriors. The play was a swagger of NBA highlights.

Let’s start with the first part. Mahoms snaps through the 49-yard line and gets a loop defensive end around the offensive line. He spins back and forth near the 30-yard line, causing the speeding defender to twist and fall to his knees.

Stephen Curry did this to many defenders over the years, making incredible plays.

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