The attackers tapped Rich Bisakia to replace John Gruden after the email scandal

The Las Vegas Riders appointed Rich Bisakia as interim head coach on Monday night following the resignation of John Gruden after more homophobic and misleading comments were published in emails while he was a broadcaster.

Bisakia was the team’s special team coordinator and assistant head coach.

“Rich Bisakia will serve as the interim head coach of the Las Vegas Riders, effective immediately. Coach Bisakia will meet with the media on Wednesday according to regularly scheduled media availability,” the team said in a statement.

Bisakia is in his 38th year of training and is fourth with the Raiders. He spent seven years with Gruden, while the two were with Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In his Team Bio on the Riders ’website, Bisakia is praised for the Riders’ prowess in special teams, including helping Pisar AJ. Coal setting club rookie records.

Bisakia’s history as a football coach moved to Wayne State in 1983. He was with South Carolina, Clemson, Wet Miss, The Books, San Diego Chargers, Dallas Cowboys and The Raiders. He worked primarily as an offensive coach before taking over as special team coordinator for several teams.

Gruden resigned as head coach on Monday night following a New York Times revelation and sent out several homophobic and megoinistic emails in a conversation with Bruce Lennon, former president of the Washington football team, while he was a broadcaster at ESPN.

Some of the comments include rude remarks about NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. The email was revealed by a league investigation into the Washington football team’s workplace misconduct.