The 2022 ACC football season will be the last year of the conference with the current two-division format, the ACC announced on Tuesday.

From 2023, 14 teams will compete in the same division and meet in the top two ACC title games. The schedule will have 3-5-5 formats in which each team will have three permanent competitors and five competitors who will be alternated year-on-year.

“The future ACC football scheduling model provides significant improvements to our schools and conferences, the most important of which is that our student-players have the opportunity to play at home and outside each school over a four-year period,” said ACC Commissioner Jim Phillips. A statement.

The ACC had a similar appearance in the 2020 season when Notre Dame was temporarily joined due to COVID-19 restrictions. Clemson defeated top-seeded Notre Dame for the conference title and avenged his early defeat of the season.

Under the current format there is a limited balance in recent seasons.

Clemson and the state of Florida — both in the Atlantic Division आहेत have won 10 of the last 11 ACC football titles. Pittsburgh defeated Wake Forest in the 2021 championship game, becoming the first Coastal Division team to win since Virginia Tech in 2010.

The new format could give other teams a chance to prove themselves with a much simpler schedule. While permanent rivals still create some imbalances, each team will have a better chance of playing over a two-year period.

It follows the policy of other councils, such as the Big 12, Pac-12, and the American Athletic Conference, which have either removed the division or will do so by 2023.

The Big Ten and the SEC are the only other Power Five conferences that will hold divisions over the next year.

ACC is a permanent competitor

Boston College: Miami, Pitt, Syracuse
Clemson: Florida State, Georgia Tech, NC State
Duke: North Carolina, NC State, Wake Forest
Florida State: Clemson, Miami, Syracuse
Georgia Tech: Clemson, Louisville, Wake Forest
Louisville: Georgia Tech, Miami, Virginia
Miami: Boston College, Florida State, Louisville
North Carolina: Duke, NC State, Virginia
NC State: Clemson, Duke, North Carolina
Pitt: Boston College, Syracuse, Virginia Tech
Syracuse: Boston College, Florida State, Pitt
Virginia: Louisville, North Carolina, Virginia Tech
Virginia Tech: Pitt, Virginia, Wake Forest
Wake Forest: Duke, Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech

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