“One can lead from the top and be successful if set rules are followed,” says Omar Al Ashi.

The desire and required skills that’s needed to become a successful entrepreneur can be recognized early in a person’s life. With the right guidance, young minds can develop into seasoned entrepreneurs and lead the world of business. “It’s easy to mould a young mind as it develops the mechanism to work effectively in the right manner,” says Omar confidently as he himself set out to try his hands in business at the age of just 24. He’s been there, done that, and says that if one starts at a young age, the chances of him achieving success increases to a great extent.

His popularity grew more when he featured in one of Dubai’s leading newspaper ‘Arabian Business’, which made him a kind of idol for youngsters who admired him for his achievements. Having worked in different parts of the world like Palestine, Toronto and Jordan, he eventually arrived in Dubai, to start his own company with his partner Greg Holt. He started off his career at a young age, where he incorporated his first company in 2019, known as ‘Urent’. In no time his company grew big, making him one of the most successful CEO’s in the neighbourhood.

Omar’s work has established him as a known name in the UAE. Today his flourishing business speaks a lot about his success. Here he charts out some rules which are required to ace as an entrepreneur.

Perseverance is the key – don’t slow down even if the tide is against you. People would discourage and slow you down. Being proactive will help in achieving desired results, no matter what comes.

Have a go-getter attitude – Setbacks are a part of an entrepreneur’s journey and that should not deter you from going ahead. You need to face the rough weather and make your story a successful one with your never say die attitude.

Don’t stop with the fear of failure – Most of the first time entrepreneurs fail due to lack of the first two qualities mentioned above, if you have the courage to face failures, then success will definitely be yours.

“Following these rules will definitely help one emerge a winner in the entrepreneurial world,” says Omar as a parting shot.

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