Produced by Digital Light Studio, the Sunny Bunnies are five beaming balls that can show up anyplace there is a source of light, from sunshine to moonlight. In every episode, the animals carry their playing around to an alternate area — a carnival, a games arena, a recreation center — leaving on undertakings. Furthermore, toward the finish of each episode, the great proceeds with a collection of bloopers.

London-based content distribution organization Media IM Incorporated has pushed the series into the 63 million-strong US Hispanic market, which presently represents 19% of the US populace, with two high-profile deals for with PrendeTV and Canela.TV.

The previous is the free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) service launched in March by Spanish-language media monster Univision. The AVOD-rights deal will see PrendeTV air the first three seasons of Sunny Bunnies later this summer and it will likewise offer 22-minute compilations of the show.

AVOD streamer Canela.TV has additionally gained the first three seasons in an AVOD/FAST deal. Launched in Mexico in April 2021 and accordingly May 2020 in the US, the Canela Media-owned platform is charged as the first free streaming service for US Bi-Lingual Hispanics. It has desire to carry out across Latin America.

“Every time we think we’ve reach peak Bunny, our little friends pull another rabbit out of the hat,” observed Irina Nazarenko, co-founder of Media IM. “Gaining a foothold in the fast-growing, youth-skewing US Hispanic market has long been an ambition — with more than a quarter of all children in the US now coming from Hispanic families, it’s the perfect home for Sunny Bunnies.”

The show is likewise supposed to break new European ground because of a deal with Nelonen Media/Sanoma Media Finland. Under the agreement, which covers the initial four seasons, Nelonen has taken the FTA rights alongside the AVOD/SVOD rights for its online video service Ruutu. Radiant Bunnies will launch in Finland later this year. Media I.M. likewise reports renewals with two of its key European partners. Sky Kids in the UK is taking the most recent Sunny Bunny series — season five — and re-permitting seasons three and four under a 24-month SVOD deal. TF1 in France is likewise taking season five for its AVOD and SVOD service, and broadening the rights for season four until December 2022.

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