Sean McVay says Matt Gay gave a prompt sparkle at kicker for Rams

Sean McVay is most likely tired of answering inquiries regarding the Rams’ kicker circumstance. It’s been a rotating door the entire season, with three players handling the kicking obligations through 10 games.

In a perfect world, Matt Gay will stop the countless inquiries subsequent to lifting the Rams to triumph on Monday night by boring a 40-yard game-winning field goal against the Bucs – who end up being the group that drafted and cut him a year ago.

After the success, McVay was noticeably eager to see the manner in which Gay dealt with himself without prior warning, just joined the team on Saturday for his first practice. Indeed, even the 44-yarder that he missed wasn’t excessively worried to the coach.

“Watching the way Matt handled himself throughout the game, you could feel there was a lot of confidence,” he said. “I know he had the one miss. But, you can tell the difference between a ‘miss’ and then one of those where ‘that looks a little shaky.’ He was true all night. Great height, good timing, and he was very accurate. I loved what he did. It was a great snap, great hold, great operation. He made it and it was as true as it gets.”

Gay was a fifth-round pick for an explanation, seeming as though an incredible kicker prospect out of Utah. He has a major leg with a long of 58 yards, which he made a year ago as a newbie. He’s 6-foot, 230-plus pounds, as well, with a build not at all like most different kickers.

Practically speaking, Gay established a prompt connection with the Rams, with players and coaches leaving endlessly dazzled by the manner in which he drills his kicks. McVay additionally really wanted to see how enormous Gay is for a kicker, saying he seems as though he works out with Aaron Donald.

“I think, really he came in and – under the circumstances – it was an exciting thing,” McVay added. “That gave us a little bit of excitement watching him kick on . Guys were ‘Oooh’ing and ‘Aaah’ing and you could see the height on the ball and the leg strength. He looks like he trains with Aaron Donald. The kicker is pretty jacked, man. I was pleased with him. I thought he handled himself really well. It doesn’t take anything away from Austin MacGinnis because he would have easily stepped in and we felt good about him had Matt not come in and been so impressive in the limited fashion. But we’re looking forward to continuing to improve in that phase of our team.”

The Rams’ longest made field goal is still only 42 yards, and they’ve had their kicker miss at least one attempt in nine of their 10 games this season. The issue is not really settled, however at least Gay seems to be on the right track as a swap for Kai Forbath and Samuel Sloman.

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