Ryan Stamper take leaving Ohio State for Urban Meyer’s staff in Jacksonville

It’s been the inquiry and stress at the forefront of everybody’s thoughts once previous Ohio State lead trainer Urban Meyer acknowledged the head instructing position with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Would Meyer take anybody from the current OSU staff to assemble his endeavors at world NFL mastery in JAX?

Ends up, Meyer doesn’t accept that is in his or Ohio State’s wellbeing, however he pulled the trigger on one current staff part, Ryan Stamper. Stamper held the post as partner athletic head of player advancement in Columbus, however played for Meyer at Florida as a double cross commander, winning public titles in 2006 and 2008.

After a short stretch out of football, Stamper was recruited on to Ohio State in 2012 where he has been from that point onward. He helps lead the “Genuine Wednesdays,” and different activities intended to help the competitor balance football and life off the field comprehensively. His misfortune is an exceptionally underestimated one, yet gives off an impression of being the lone staff hit OSU will take from Meyers’f invasion back into training. ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler was the first to report the news.

Ryan Stamper, an Ohio State partner AD and double cross commander for Urban Meyer at Florida, is joining Meyer’s Jaguars staff as a head of player evaluation, per source. Stamper went through nine years at Ohio State, and Jacksonville is his old neighborhood. Meyer carries a commander with him.

Stamper is a Jacksonville local, so it’s likewise a chance to return home. It’s difficult to reprimand a person for that and we wish him the best.

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