The ex-player now Actor discussed the planned return of the (EPL) Premier League on June 17th 2020.

Top flight clubs have been meeting last week and with the backing of the government, FA, public health officials, managers and players they confirm the Premier League have finally overcome all obstacles to a restart the league.

Manchester City will host Arsenal while Aston Villa will face Sheffield United in the opening fixtures.

Since the Premier Leagues suspension on March 13th due to the global pandemic the rerun date speculation has been somewhat impossible to pin. The last game was featuring Aston Villa and Leicester City and has since left fans keeping a keen eye on this news.

Officials from the league as well as club representatives have been working on ‘Project Restart’ over the past two weeks in a bid to follow in the footsteps of the Bundesliga in order to get games back up and running.

Pablo who started at English Premier League West Ham United then ending his career early at Japan’s Arte Takasaki spoke about the global leagues restarting and the impact of long gaps in training.

Pablo: “I was glad to hear from sources that the (EPL) premier league will be restarting on 17th June. It’s been a difficult season and I don’t think any player or fan imagined this would ever happen. Not only has it been surreal but frightening at the same time, with safety being at the forefront of all discussions. When it comes to the return the EPL can’t mirror other leagues as the patterns have not been identical also the fan culture in each region is slightly different. It’s important to look at player welfare both mentally and physically. This long gap will see injury prone players miss more games which impacts confidence on return. The absence of vaccines is probably something we might have to live with for a while and SD will be a difficult task to manage on match days along with movement outside daily testing. These new times will take some getting used to and will reflect on playing styles and managerial tactics. For now it’s a step in the right direction and glad the league is returning”.

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