DALLAS – Golden State’s Splash Brothers were trying not to get wet early Tuesday night in the second half as water leaked from the roof of American Airlines Center, delaying game 4 of the Western Conference Final between Warriors and Mavericks by 16 minutes. .

Half the time in basketball the teams had to sit through a rare rain delay, while the arena workers tried to plug the leaks coming from the outside rain, at the upper ceiling.

This was the second time water had dripped from the roof of the American Airlines Center, affecting the Mavericks game. The start of the Timberwolves-Mavericks game on March 21 was delayed by 15 minutes.

The arena opened on July 17, 2001.

The Mavericks took a 62-47 lead in the half. As it was getting late, players from both teams were standing near the half-court and looking at the ceiling, two players of the Warriors were playing with stones, paper, scissors to pass the time. With the Warriors leaning on the baseline in front of the bench, the Mavericks were the team that started the third quarter playing on that side of the court.

Once the game resumed, the Mavericks maintained their lead, jumping to a 99-70 advantage at the end of the third quarter and winning 119-109.

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